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Sage Morie – Ivory Black [Video]

Sage Morie – Ivory Black [Video]

Sage Morie releases a mystical video for the latest single ‘Ivory Black’.

Sage Morei - Ivory Black (Official Music Video)

Mysterious and moving, ‘Ivory Black’ is the compassionate call to arms from Sage Morei. Inspired by a documentary about the illegal ivory trade and the devastating impact this is having on elephant populations, Sage Morei channels his rage into this thoughtful and powerful track that clearly comes straight from the soul. Filmed on location in Thailand, the video features stunning locations, ranging from the urban environment of Bangkok City to Thailand’s Khao Sok National Park.

Sage Morei and cinematographer Dorian Kissama Merciai spent many days with the majestic elephants themselves, wanting to highlight the real reason behind the video in a truthful and authentic way that avoided exploiting the animals. Working with a top team that includes Lee Avant (FKA twigs), and second cinematographer Nina Hawkins, the entire project has taken years to perfect. Sage Morei has also set up a webshop with an entire collection revolving around the release, all profits from which will go to elephant and rhino conservation charities that work to protect these animals from poaching. This is especially significant now as they have seen a rise in poaching numbers during Covid-19.

Maker of in-your-face rock and more mellowed-out ethnic trip hop, Sage Morei fuses a variety of interesting influences in his music. Inspired by the premise of a future that incorporates both sleek skylines and our tribal human nature, forward thinking Sage Morei contemplates what it is to be a human in tomorrow’s society and how we interact with the natural world around us. Taking musical influence from Massive Attack and Marilyn Manson, Sage Morei is an interesting blend of modern and futuristic ethno-rock aesthetics.

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