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Safari Room – Thoughtful Introspection [Premiere]

It’s no secret that one of the comforting, yet addictive powers of music is that it makes us feel, really feel, and Safari Room’s newest single ‘Thoughtful Introspection’ bottles up that power like a drug fans will soon be yearning for.

Alec Koukol leads the Nashville-based indie rock band on vocals with Emma Lambiase on bass and vocals, Chris Collier on guitar and Austin Drewry on drums. The result is a dreamlike song that makes you want to kick back and just listen—something rare in music today. Gentle, ambient rhythms clash with guitars to make this single a song of substance, something fans can sit with for hours, days, weeks until new music is released.

The ambivalence of Koukol’s lyrical explanation in the form of introspection is one that can resonate easily with listeners familiar with the ebb and flow of mental health and the impermanence of promised time.

Though at one point in the song, a musical solo sounded more akin to a television introductory tune, the effervescent style in which the song is delivered is exactly what fans of indie rock are looking for. Another strong addition to follow up their EP ‘Actual Feelings,’ and singles ‘Around the Bend’ and ‘One Day Here,’ ‘Thoughtful Introspection’ is sure to entrance Nashville crowds and fans across the Internet alike.


Review by Madison Obermeyer

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