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Sadventure – All You Ever Said [Review]

Sadventure – All You Ever Said [Review]

Singer-songwriter Sadventure has released his debut single ‘All You Ever Said.’

Emotional lyrics are piercing against an explosive electronic background. Sadventure’s skill in blending beats and mixing instrumentals across a variety of genres helps to create a sort of renaissance song, strong in multiple assets and equally influential.

A self-proclaimed “sadboi,” the artist delivers an emotional dance-through-the-pain anthem about the end of a relationship. ‘All You Ever Said’ is a sensory rollercoaster; regretful lyrics are paired with futuristic electronic beats, rap vocals are bolstered with a delicate instrumentals.

Fans of Bazzi will find a familiar sound and message in Sadventure. A standout debut, ‘All You Ever’ said is the exact type of song that will appeal to the Millennial and Gen Z crowd that is increasingly shedding societal niceties in favor of shows, music, fashion, and art that reflects who they truly are—Euphoria, anyone?

Now, with Sadventure, you can be crying in the club and having a good time.


By Madison Obermeyer

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