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Ryan Whyman – Fantasies & Memories [Review]

Ryan Whyman – Fantasies & Memories [Review]

Fantasies & Memories is the new classical-contemporary album from pianist and composer Ryan Whyman.

The albums shifts and changes through moods and melodies, encapsulating everything from lo-fi hip hop cuts to pop-laced vibes to classical soundscapes, serving up instrumental odes to all our favourite musical styles.

For an album with barely any lyrics and vocals, Whyman manages to convey more than enough feeling and raw emotion through his music, effortlessly whisking you away to nostalgic scenes. One minute you’re in a New York jazz club, the next a Parisian coffee house. Creating both sombre, emotional and tense atmospheres undercut with uplifting musical experiences, this is a very unique and diverse piece of work.

Fantasies & Memories, in the artist’s own words, invites listeners to “experience the often harsh realities of day to day life through the lens of beauty.”

Whyman’s award-winning musical projects have ranged from The Whyman Project, a chamber jazz ensemble which he himself performed in, to compositions for choir and orchestra to a collaboration with internationally renowned rapper, poet and spoken word artist Watsky.

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