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Rulu – Finally [Review]

Rulu – Finally [Review]

Pop duo Rulu have release their debut album ‘Finally’.

Pop duo formed of successful DJ Rob Hardman and renowned singer The Lady-Lou are releasing their debut album ‘Finally’, aptly named as it has been in the pipe-line for longer than they originally planned, owing to their perfectionism and attention to detail.  The album covers a variety of themes, taking the listener on a musical journey, covering highs and lows guided by the soulful vocals of The Lady-Lou.

Rob Hardman and The Lady-Lou have been working in the music industry for quite some time on their own solo projects, a successful DJ and a versatile singer respectively. Coming together to form Rulu the duo have combined their diverse skills to create a fresh and modern sounding pop project that has been honed to reflect both their experience and tastes, while sounding like something completely new.

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