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Ruler – Petrified [Review]

Ruler – Petrified [Review]

Ruler’s latest song Petrified is a marvellous escape. Listen below.

Seattle based musician Matt Batey, best known for his work with Rocky Volato and Cataldo has been working on his latest project Petfried from the debut full-length album Ruler, due on the 25th May on Barsuk Records.

Petrified is about being afraid of the future, Batey explains “I’ve struggled with anxiety my whole life, and I was feeling especially afraid and anxious about what the future holds.” He continues, “I don’t think I’m super old or anything, but a lot of people around me in my life are kind of quitting music and making families and doing other stuff. So choosing to continue to play music at this point is another level of deliberately choosing to do this.”

The song begins with strong guitar base that then develops into a beautiful explosion of musical chaos. The lyrics are meaningful and offer up a feeling of hope. It’s a boisterous number designed to give you the confidence overcome your fears and conquer the world.


Review by Lucy Coombs

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