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Ruler – Cars & Houses [Review]

Ruler – Cars & Houses [Review]

Here’s another awesome track from Ruler. This is Cars & Houses.

Seattle based band Ruler have been gearing up to the upcoming release of their debut album ‘Winning star champion’ and with the release of several singles, before the album drops in May.  The main man behind this magic is Matt Batey, who proudly states that his music is very much built off the back of his own experiences and emotions.

Cars & Houses goes hand in hand with the start of summer.  It starts off with a foot-tappingly catchy guitar backing, strumming along before the drums kick in to give it even more juice.  Front man Matt’s voice is clear cut and adventurous, and cuts through the instruments dominating the medley.  The chorus builds up and has a hook that basically warrants full volume, and the fact that they ease off the vocals before kicking off the second verse really lets you appreciate just how well this is written.  The highlight for me would be the electric guitar roaring over the bridge.  This track oozes energy and authenticity and is the perfect showcase of Ruler’s talent.  Their vibe is fresh and headstrong, and their music makes you feel the same when listening.

Keep an ear out for this release and their album, as no doubt you’ll crave more from where this has come from!


Review by Helen Radford

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