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Ruby Throated – I Try

Ruby Throated – I Try

Bringing a jazzy touch to the neo psychedelic pop sphere, Ruby Throated have created a uniquely fresh sound.

The first thing that hits you is the amalgamation of the jangly keys and twee vocals. Together, they form the crux of the song, making sure you don’t forget this record in a hurry. Of course the drumming patterns and bass hooks also aid with this, and are woven expertly into the mix. taking a back seat to let the stellar vocals and let the keys drive the tune. Having said this, the song would be totally different and weaker if it were any different.

There is an obvious jazz influence present in this song, which is fused with a spacey sounding rock tones. What’s interesting is the break down later in the song, which strongly reminds me of Wolf Alice. It becomes heavier and takes a darker vibe, yet also remains true to the free flowing nature of the record. They jagged style stays the same too and allows the harmonies to reach their peak, building up wonderfully, before seamlessly transitioning back to their modus operandi.

This is a top second single and hopefully not just a one time thing from the band from LA. It will be exciting to see where they go from here, as it really is a great take on the ever popular neo psych wave which is proving a perfect recipe for modern bands and listeners alike. Keep doing what you’re doing guys, bravo!


Review by Tom Crowder

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