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RÓSA – Nightmare [Review]

RÓSA – Nightmare [Review]

‘Nightmare’ is the second single of from RÓSA’s new EP, ‘The Taste of Another’.

RÓSA’s latest release “Nightmare” initially sounds eerie, leaving the listener not quite knowing what to expect from the track. However, within seconds we face a slow, calming yet enormously gripping 80’s vibe. This track is easy-listening with an edge that makes us want more and more. By the end you’ll feel like you’re in a dream, but not a nightmare as the track title suggests.

“Nightmare” is perfect to listen to in a quiet place, catchy lyrical melodies like “there’s so much I could say to you” circulating your minds for weeks.

Will Winter, lead singer of RÓSA explained: “‘Nightmare’ is about the anxiety of entering a space that carried meaning for you during some previous time. It’s about the weight of loss that comes crashing down on you when something familiar, something that connects your present experience to your past, enters your field of perception. It’s a terrifying place to be.”


Review by Victoria Harris

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