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ROMES – Lose My Cool [Review]

ROMES – Lose My Cool [Review]

Canadian duo ROMES share their indie pop banger Lose My Cool.

Filled with bright guitar tones and uplifting bass lines, Romes have forged a track that has all the elements of a summer smash hit. The vocals flow effortlessly over the music, adding an easy going vibe to the track. Playfully distorted guitar riffs act as the yin to the vocals yang, with the organised chaos driving the song on. The resulting medley is a super catchy indie pop anthem.

They have teamed up with Mark Foster (Foster The People) on this one, using his expertise to assist with the fantastic pop sound. The psychedelic vibes enter the fold in the chorus, with the vocal melodies and guitar licks closely replicating the Aussie band Pond. Lose My Cool mingles indie rock and the mainstream seamlessly, taking its seat at the top with the other great indie pop anthems.

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