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Romantic Relevance – Kingface [Review]

Romantic Relevance – Kingface [Review]

Kingface is the latest tune from Romantic Relevance.

In anticipation of their upcoming EP, What These Years Felt Like Pt.3, Romantic Relevance (ROMREL) have released the 1st single, Kingface. Taking you back to the early 00s alt-rock scene, Kingface has all the elements for a trip back down memory lane. The whole track has a pure sense of melancholy, with the vocal and guitar mix bursting with sheer emotion.

The idea for the track came from an affair that happened at the megachurch the band attended when they were younger. They describe the title as being a literal translation of someone who looks like a king, yet their whole kingdom is falling around them. The music and honest lyricism complement the theme excellently, leaving no stone unturned. Kingface is out now and it won’t be long before you can listen to the rest of the EP.

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