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Roland Greco – Explorer [Review]

Roland Greco – Explorer [Review]

‘Explorer’ is the brand-new track off of Roland Greco’s upcoming EP, ‘The Emerald City Doesn’t Exist’.

Roland is a producer and songwriter from Scranton, Pennsylvania who studied Music Production at Berklee College of Music and now lives and works in Los Angeles. With vocals reminiscent Biffy Clyro’s Simon Neil and the alternative style of any alt band he makes the genre his own by throwing in a hint of electronic sounds which bring ‘Explorer’ to the forefront.

His newly released EP, ‘The Emerald City Doesn’t Exist’ shows off Roland’s alternate style of songwriting and modern production skills that he further advanced during his time in college. This emotive and power-hungry track really elevates what it means to be an alt-electronic musician in the music industry.

The EP has been likened to a fantasy novel – a piece of art that takes you into another world which you don’t want to leave. You find yourself listening to ‘Explorer’ on repeat, never really wanting the track to end as its soothing modern ambience makes you feel light and free. This goes hand in hand with a whole new can of emotions that Roland makes you open up and feel all over again.


Review by Charlie Hall

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