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Robert James Nuzzello Jr – Less [Review]

Robert James Nuzzello Jr – Less [Review]

Connecticut based artist Robert James Nuzzello has released his latest single ‘Less’.

Blending vigorous hip hop beats and angular, distorted synths, Robert’s concoction is intoxicating and evocative. It is a streamlined mix of hip hop and 80s synth that is reminiscent of Radiohead, J Dilla and Ultravox all simultaneously.

The synths are reminiscent of Gary Numan, but are given slightly sinister connotations in contrast to the lightly strummed acoustic guitar and delicate piano that they sit upon. In his layered vocals, Robert creates the effect of a unified, collective group of voices – calculatedly dishevelled and co-operatively beautiful.

From opening for BB King and Chuck Berry with a blues rock band in the early 2000’s to inventing a sound he calls dirty soul with Fake Babies in the 2010’s, Robert has traded the life of touring and live performance for a more serene home environment. He now has a home studio in which writing music has become a sanctuary once more.

The single ‘Less’ is available on all streaming platforms now.


Review by Niall Summerton

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