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Robert Connely Farr – Shake It [Review]

Robert Connely Farr – Shake It [Review]

Shake It is the blistering live number from Robert Connely Farr. 

Robert Connely Farr - Shake it - Live In EastVan

It’s been a busy year for Robert Connely Farr. Having released 2 studio albums in 2020, he decided to bring out Live In Eastvan to mix things up a bit. Shake It, taken from the latter, has the overriding feeling that it was born to be consumed live. It’s scratchy, ballsey and rough around the edges. In short, it’s exactly how blues is supposed to be. 

The main influence that comes to mind is The Black Keys, particularly The Big Come Up era. Tonally, the guitar mirrors the US giants perfectly and the riffs ooze the same swagger. You also have the same blues duo of guitarist and drummer, which is pulled off to an exemplary standard. With everything that is going on in this track, you would be forgiven thinking there are more involved. Shake It can be found on the Live In Eastvan album which dropped earlier this year. 

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