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Robbie Maroon – Stepping Stone [Review]

What is a haunting groove? Robbie Maroon gives his version with the lead single ‘Stepping Stone’ from the new album ‘Dream Factory Volume 2’.

Robbie Maroon has returned with a new album and a lead single from it – Stepping Stone. The song explores “the emotion one has when you realise a relationship may not be as it first seems, the journey of discovering your more of a vessel for someone’s transition”. Which may be a good metaphor for my feelings towards the song. The choruses build up to a bit of excitement, but by the time it finishes i’m glad it’s all over.

This 4 minute ballad blends funk, pop, soul and a Phil Collins drum beat which isn’t bad, but it’s not exactly great either. Maybe this just isn’t my cup of tea. It’s far too easy to be critical, so you should have a listen and be your own judge. If you like it there are 11 more tracks to get stuck into on the rest of the album.

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