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Robbie Dylan – Was It Easier [Review]

Robbie Dylan – Was It Easier [Review]

Nashville-based singer/songwriter and guitarist Robbie Dylan—Robert Dylan Plecher to family and friends—has released his debut four-track EP ‘Was It Easier.’

The 24-year-old artist sound is influenced across genre, with southern rock, Americana, and pop all coming together to form his unique sound. With Ed Sheeran and Tom Petty among influences, it’s no surprise that Dylan’s vocals have an unmistakable authenticity to them and no autotune in sight.

The four tracks on the EP, ‘Was It Easier,’ ‘I’m Not Changing Now,’ ‘I Still Remember,’ and ‘Eyes Wide Open’ display the ease with which Dylan meanders from country-pop to pop-rock to croony nostalgic tunes. This is without a doubt thanks to the plethora of influence Dylan has experienced living in multiple states across the U.S. and even attending part of college in England.

With this four-track release, Dylan is on his way to attracting a large crowd of listeners looking for a unique sound and enough authenticity to fire a long winded career.


By Madison Obermeyer

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