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River Fury – 21st Century Man [Review]

River Fury – 21st Century Man [Review]

This is ’21st Century Man’ from alt-indie outfit River Fury.

Trying to emulate or take inspiration from any great 70s or 80s alternative/indie bands these days seem to take on of two distinct routes: either an overindulgence in failed nostalgia or, an altogether innovative, and comparable homage. It’s the latter that River Fury’s debut single 21st Century Man takes. Writing in any a genre is complicated enough, especially retro – you had to really be there to experience the political or personal angst to understand the likes of The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees or Joy Division.   Such retrospectives are commonplace, but this tune catches the haunting distraction that was these bands inspiration. Gone was the nihilism of the 70s and in came the decadence of the 80s. Cheery, this tune isn’t, but think Smith, Sioux and Curtis in 1980 and you’ve got this one covered.

No longer referring to Bolan’s (or Sputnik’s) ‘Boy’ 21st Century Man drops a swift Joy Division guitar intro, quickly followed by a slick Primitives’ style racing beat. Yet while nods in certain musical directions are obvious, the track adds its own personal stamp. Like it, love it or put it on a playlist, this is well worth a listen, all complimented by the single’s artwork.


Review by Craig Beauman

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