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RIDDNCE – Strange Barrier [Review]

RIDDNCE – Strange Barrier [Review]

LA-based electronic music producer RIDDNCE delivers a fresh take on the bass music genre with his new single ‘Strange Barrier.’

RIDDNCE clearly is skilled in a variety of musical instruments—he began training the piano at age four—even championing the miniscule discrepancies electronic music; however, if it weren’t for the intermittent disruptions in the form of piano melody or abrupt changes in tempo, I would have lost interest early in the song.

One of the pleasures of electronic music is watching the producer perform, as they so often lose themselves in the sonic boundaries they last defined in previous music they created. Though I can feel the producer’s passion and imagine the skill it took to create the single, I am not entranced by the single alone. There is no question that RIDDNCE has skill beyond measure, but instead of infusing the musical ‘glitches’ in the electronic tracks as he did so successfully in the latter half of the song, RIDDNCE fractures the techno-trance and the melodic lure as if the two beats were at war with each other instead of cohesion.

A successful burst of passion and skill, Strange Barrier definitely pushes the boundaries of electronic music. Self-described as a ‘metaphor of breaking through the wall into an uncomfortable new situation,’ I am unsure whether this experiment auspiciously makes it to the other side, or just leaves me sitting uncomfortable and unsure.


Review by Madison Obermeyer

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