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Richard Tyler Epperson – Another Day EP [Review]

Richard Tyler Epperson – Another Day EP [Review]

Another Day is the latest EP from Richard Tyler Epperson.

The third project from the Salt Lake City based singer-songwriter showcases Epperson’s brand of easy-going guitar flows and pitch-perfect vocal melodies. It’s an EP that is full of passion and has a real sense of dedication that shines through. It’s no surprise as Epperson has written this EP through the Covid lockdown, which naturally brings its own struggles, and drive is something that’s needed to complete a project of this calibre.

You get a pure sense of the mid to late 00s acoustic guitar-focused artists like Jack Johnson and David Gray coming through in Epperson’s sound here. Each chord change has a catchiness to it, whilst remaining fluid throughout. His vocals are powerful, yet not overbearing, ensuring you are at ease right from the off. Another Day is one to put on when you are in a relaxed, introspective mood and need to escape for half an hour or so.

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