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Richard Tripps – I’m Still Here [Review]

Richard Tripps – I’m Still Here [Review]

I’m Still Here is the latest psych folk record from Richard Tripps.

The first thing that hits you is the nostalgic 60s guitar tones and raw vocal melody. It’s simplicity at its finest, with the chord progression remaining consistent throughout. The lead guitar parts are delicately chosen, bolstering the retro 60s vibe. Sometimes less is more and that’s certainly the case here, as the minimalist style proves to be amazingly catchy.

The echoey guitar tones remind you of the Brian Jonestown Massacre. It has the same sway to the acoustic based tracks of the neo-psych band, and is crafted equally as well. The production follows a similar path too, as you get a real sense that the song would sound exactly the same live. Unlike some lo-fi production, the full sound is not lost here though. The addition of a string section to the retro soup compliments the easy going vibe perfectly, adding further depth. I’m Still Here is an absolute pleasure to listen to, purely because it has the right balance of being wholly memorable as well as smartly constructed.

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