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RHEA – Sleepwalking [Review]

RHEA – Sleepwalking [Review]

From the pounding outset, it’s clear that ‘Sleepwalking’ is an ironic title for this new high-energy track by Belgian rock band RHEA.

Incorporating elements of pop-punk, garage, grunge, and metal, RHEA have created a song that manages to simultaneously sound nostalgic and ultramodern, familiar and wildly unique. Although ‘Sleepwalking’ clearly borrows from the skate-punk/pop- rock bands of the 2000s, most notably blink-182, the influence of contemporaries like Royal Blood is equally present.

‘Sleepwalking’ sees RHEA come together with David Bottrill, the three-time Grammy winning producer behind Tool, Muse, Placebo, and many more iconic rock acts. Bottrill uses his wealth of experience to help RHEA cultivate a sound that is mature, yet still fairly naïve and playful. The result is an infectious track, packed with shrieking guitar riffs and energetic drums that not only resonate in your ears hours after listening, but beg to be heard live in a concert atmosphere. ‘Sleepwalking’ oozes bold, youthful bravado, especially in lyrics like: “Maybe I don’t care about anything you say / It’s okay ‘cause I don’t love you anyway.”

In an age where almost every rock group seems to be incorporating pop and hip hop elements into their music, it’s refreshing to see a group of young musicians dedicated to an authentic heavy rock sound that has largely faded from mainstream music. If ‘Sleepwalking’ is anything to go by, RHEA’s shamelessly brash sound is something we hope to hear a lot more of in the future.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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