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ReveLever – Where To? [Review]

ReveLever – Where To? [Review]

ReveLever shares new album ‘Where To?’ featuring Shannon Maree.

The collaboration between the two artists is an electronic and symphonic exploration of endless musical possibilities. Based in The Netherlands, ReveLever is an artist and producer who blends 80’s pop and edgy new wave sounds to create a truly unique musical experience. He is releasing his debut album, a collaboration with vocalist Shannon Maree which takes his signature sound and pushes it into exciting new territory.

‘Play With Fire’ is one of the albums many standout tracks. Opening with a dark and propulsive rhythm, its moody synths provide the perfect backdrop for Shannon Maree’s otherworldly vocal performance. The track is built on ReveLevers mastery of tension and release, as the melody slowly builds in intensity before finally blossoming into a steady rhythmic pulse. The instruments weave in and out of each other in perfect support of the song’s foreboding melody before resting into an uneasy silence that leaves the listener eager for more.

One album highlight ‘Take Me,’ the duo show an entirely different side of themselves. An uplifting and irresistibly catchy dance number, the track shows ReveLever’s gift for mining the musical trends of the past and using them to create something that sounds entirely new. With its 80’s inspired dance beat, it recalls the golden age of new wave music while incorporating harmonic changes that keep listeners consistently on the edge of their seat. ’Where To?’ will undoubtedly stand as one of ReveLever’s finest moments.

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