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Retro Kid – Neon Colours [Review]

Retro Kid – Neon Colours [Review]

Here’s ‘Neon Colours’, the latest electro pop release from Retro Kid.

Neon Colours brings a magnificent blend of electropop, with an almost reggae twist thrown in.  The mention of “the sound of nostalgia” could not be true enough – this track is one that will bring on waves of nostalgia that can remind you of times gone by, and distract you from the present to let it wash over you.  Retro Kid drew inspiration from smoke filled café’s in Copenhagen, and listening to this track almost transports you there, and allows you to feel you are surrounding a classic jukebox, swaying away the world outside.  It feels as though it’s visiting from a time gone by, whilst also sounding so familiar.

The electro beat matched with a saxophone lacing over the backing track throughout makes a magnificent pairing, and provides a jazzy twist.  The way the saxophone glides over the repeated beat gives it a sexy feel.  Sultry vocals throughout could almost pass for melancholic at times, yet still somewhat peaceful and innocent.  The phrase “neon colours” is repeated throughout, echoing in the background, and this creates the feeling of being in a continued loop of serenity.  Close your eyes and you’ll be in that smoke-filled room in Copenhagen, without a worry in the world.


Review by Helen Radford

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