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Remington super 60 – Still Near [Review]

Remington super 60 – Still Near [Review]

Still Near is the new track from indie pop duo Remington super 60.

There’s a coy charm that floats around, moulded by the dreamy synth parts and understated yet poignant vocals. The twee soundscape also contains an element of vulnerability that’s almost childlike. By riding a wave of sweetness and nostalgia, Still Near strikes a warm chord that radiates from within you, giving you the license to sink into the music. It’s this combination that makes it so captivating.

Taking influence from Yo La Tengo, Remington super 60 use the laid back alternative pop element and make it their own. There’s added dashes of Burt Bacharach sprinkled throughout, best portrayed in the romanticised swing of the tune. It culminates in a lush, easy going bit of indie pop that you won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

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