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Rebounder – Japanese Posters [Review]

Rebounder – Japanese Posters [Review]

‘Japanese Posters’ is the new track from anonymous indie outfit Rebounder.

I love a bit of mystery, so although I was admittedly a little frustrated while scouring internet for a bit more info on this band, I was equally as intrigued and enthusiastic about the unknown. The only PR spiel – if you can call it that – I received with the track simply stated that the song was made entirely in a bedroom in the East Village of New York City. Fair enough, it caught my attention.

Obvious comparisons can be made to The Strokes or perhaps Franz Ferdinand. It’s got the sharp guitar lines and slick riffs that remind me of many of my favourite indie bands.

Japanese Posters is the only Rebounder track out there right now, but if you want to follow them, fortunately they do have Facebook and Twitter accounts.

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