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Really Nice – Been a Long Time [Review]

Really Nice – Been a Long Time [Review]

Described as somewhat of a personal anthem, ‘Been a Long Time’ is the brand new single from synth pop band Really Nice.

Written over eight years ago, the song pre-dates the band and is the opener for every set they’ve ever played. “This song has seen us through a lot of hard times, & now after this crazy year, a time of such change, loss & patience for us all, it feels like the perfect time to release it.” explains Really Nice who were formed earlier this year. Originally written after a break up with his then-girlfriend-now-wife, the lyrics have gradually grown and changed with frontman Ryan over the years and is now a chirpy synth-pop song that will lift your spirits and have you dancing round the room in no time.

Formed earlier this year, Really Nice are a new band intent on bringing their innovative and vibrant sound to the masses. Led by their synths, Really Nice are giving us 80’s inspired anthems that draw on a huge array of influences including mumble rap, R&B and even punk. Led by Chelsea and Ryan who have also been in a few other bands along the way, this new five piece have been making waves in their home town of Sydney, and are ready to share their sound with the world.

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