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RealFlexxin – Right or Wrong [Review]

RealFlexxin – Right or Wrong [Review]

Right or Wrong is the latest single from RealFlexxin.

Right or Wrong is raw track, dealing with the emotions and consequences of real-life pain and trauma.

RealFlexxin suffered an overdose and multiple psychosis experiences after trying to self-medicate his emotional pain with prescription drugs. After these events, RealFlexxin was then isolated making it very hard to rebuild his life. Knowing that not everyone is given a second chance with life, his mission is to attack depression, trauma, and substance abuse head on in order to bring awareness to the voiceless.

RealFlexxin’s debut single Right or Wrong is a pain song that questions a persons loyalty. He asks, will you only support me when I’m doing everything right? Would you still support me when I’m at my worst?

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