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Raphi – When We Gonna [Review]

Raphi – When We Gonna [Review]

Cypriot born singer-songwriter Raphi shares her new track When We Gonna.

Raphi serves up mesmerising pop sounds with a soulful twist. When We Gonna is a supercool and sultry track, with plenty of mainstream appeal, but just enough edge and unpredictability to ensnare more niche and discerning listeners.

The story behind the lyrics are very personal to Raphi and are about being in that place with someone, where things are so great, that you’re both scared to fully commit.

Raphi says this is for the ones that don’t love lightly and hopes people can send this song to the people they love/fancy to bring them together. Produced and written with friends Lex Low and Katie Sky, the whole vibe of this song is described as chill car music, with flares of R&B touches.

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