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Raphaella – Imagine [Review]

Raphaella – Imagine [Review]

Raphaella showcases her gorgeously moving electronic sound on ‘Imagine’

Raphaella’s latest single, ‘Imagine’, off the EP of the same name, looks sets to catapult the ultra-talented singer-songwriter and producer to starry heights. Meeting somewhere between EDM and indie-pop, ‘Imagine’ is a track infused with gorgeous instrumental intricacies and a strong synth-based foundation.

Raphaella’s vocals have already made waves with an impressive list of collaborators. In 2016, the Londoner had a prominent feature spot on Henri PFR’s ‘Until the End’, as well as Gorgon City’s ‘Smoke.’ With the release of her ‘Imagine’ EP, it’s clear that the time has come for Raphaella to step up front and centre as a solo artist capable of crafting huge hits.

From the outset, it’s clear that ‘Imagine’ is a track that revels in powerful melodrama, while simultaneously remaining light and approachable. ‘Imagine’ is very confident in its own sense of pacing. While it’s certainly a slow burning track, when it hits its stride in the chorus, the result is gloriously uplifting. Raphaella’s talents as a producer are really showcased in the complexities of the electronic instrumentation, which are beautifully complimented by the gentle yet expressive piano ideas featured throughout the track. However, it’s Raphaella’s vocals that really take centre stage here. Like some of the greatest pop vocalists, Raphaella’s voice is capable of simultaneously seeming heartbreakingly tender and awe-inspiringly strong. On ‘Imagine’, Raphaella has marked herself as an upcoming talent to watch out for.

Review by Lucy O’Toole

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