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Rally Club – Space [Review]

Rally Club – Space [Review]

Exploding onto the scene, new boys Rally Club have released a fresh tune that oozes coolness.

You’re immediately put at ease with jangly hooks from the well thought out tones of the indie surf guitars. It’s instantly likeable and gets your head bopping along from the start. The bass then kicks into gear, making the song become bolder and filled out, and is use expertly with the other instruments.

The connections to Mac Demarco are plain to see, and should be celebrated, as it is a difficult sound to produce well. Its imitation at its best – soundly unique, yet rides on the wave of something that is fantastically popular, by blending the surf style from yonder with more recent indie punk undertones. There is also a Brian Wilson influence present, with the tonality and melodic patterning of the vocals similar to the surf rock pioneer.

Space is a fantastic indie tune that really encapsulates the strife that you remember from your early 20’s, just like those indie bangers always did. There is still a good amount of happiness seeping through to forget about all that though. In short, have a listen because you wont regret it!


Review by Tom Crowder

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