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RAFFER – Together [Premiere]

Here’s an exclusive first listen to Together, the brand-new indie-pop anthem from RAFFER.


RAFFER - Together (Official Video)


Together is a high-tempo, energetic powerhouse of a track. Electro elements collide with shredding riffs, all tied together perfectly with an outstanding lead vocal from Callum Rafferty himself.

There’s an addictive quality to the track which is sure to resonate with indie-pop and alternative aficionados looking for a familiarly nostalgic yet fresh and exciting sound. Cool, catchy and colourful, RAFFER needs to be on your radar.

The track is entirely self-produced; written, recorded and mastered all under one roof. And RAFFER – at just 19 years old – is completely independent. Everything you see and hear from RAFFER over the next few months has been created by 3 people and 3 people alone.

Kent-based RAFFER is planning to take the UK by storm over the next year, so keep an eye on this one and head out to see him live if you can.


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