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Quarry – Super Arcade [Review]

Quarry – Super Arcade [Review]

This is Super Arcade, this new album from London-based indie-rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Vittorio Tolomeo, also known as Quarry.

Super Arcade is a guitar-driven journey into Vittorio’s mind, with influences that scream Bowie and Beatles, with subtle Arctic Monkeys overtones at times.

The vocals are quirky and unmistakably British in tone, harking back to the golden age of UK indie music, while keeping contemporary sounds firmly in the fray. It’s unapologetic power pop-rock and there’s no denying it’s infectious nature.

The album come thumping in with its title track, showing off foot-stopping riffs and drum lines that draw you in from the start. As we journey on into ‘Inside the Morning Light’, distorted bass lines take the lead, with layered vocals rising to crescendo and falling back to deeper tones.

‘Everything And Its Opposite’ is a relentless track, packed to the rafters with riffs and solos, before ‘Man With The Scars’ bring us back down to earth with a more placid ballad-like style.

As the album reaches its midpoint, ‘Firefighter’ displays the certain unpredictability of Quarry’s sound, with unusual vocal lines and drawn out guitar chords. This same diversity is shown on the peculiarly titled ‘Sweet Alien on Creamy Skis’, which harness piano to bring forth an engaging softer side.

Things get a lot more distorted as we move into Haters Online, before mixing things up once again with the drum-led London Cloak and Longest Years.

Closing with Reborn, Quarry goes all in. Bringing together all the distinctive sounds from across this album, and eases us out with gentle, vocal-focused conclusion.

Interestingly, Super Arcade was conceived and created in a warehouse filled with old pinball machines and arcade games – hence the name – where a Quarry installed a recording studio and threw himself into writing songs and running sound experiments.

This is an album for those who appreciate a classic British pop-rock sound, with no shortage of the quirks and eccentricities that come along with it.


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