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Quality Living – Alcohol Store [Review]

Quality Living – Alcohol Store [Review]

Indie-rock outfit Quality Living drop their new single ‘Alcohol Store’.

‘Alcohol Store’ compliments every aspect of the band with its up-beat melody and catchy lyrics. This is Quality Living’s third track in a series of singles since the release of their first LP in 2016 and is one which I’m sure will be on repeat for weeks.

The track is the epitome of indie pop with a major summertime feel about it, perfect for reminiscing of past summers in the freezing cold winter! It has a consistently smooth feel, emphasized by a hint of saxophone. The vocal ability of the band also shines through on this one and will leave listeners pleading for more music in the months to come.

You Don’t Know Jersey said: “…if a smile doesn’t cross your face whilst listening you may want to go ahead and check yourself for a pulse”, and we couldn’t agree more! It is impossible to listen to this track without feeling enthralled by the charm it carries.

The roots of Quality Living are prominent on ‘Alcohol Store’ as it is not unlike their older material. This one is a true credit to indie music. 


Review by Victoria Harris

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