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Pyrotrux – Forgiveness [Review]

Pyrotrux – Forgiveness [Review]

Pyrotrux shares his new alternative R&B ditty Forgiveness.

PyroTrux - Forgiveness

Stepping out into the indie R&B scene, Pyrotrux brings us his debut track Forgiveness. It’s a track that has an enticing vulnerability, which stems from the magical synth tones and softly spoken vocal melody. The simplicity is what makes it great, proving that often less is more. It also helps if you have a killer groove and distinctive beat, as seen here.

Forgiveness centres around the loss of love and deciding to be a better person. Pyrotrux sets the tone perfectly, with the smooth flow carrying you on the journey with him. It’s a wonderfully crafted debut track and will stay in your head long after it’s finished. There’s also an excellently made video for you to check out too.

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