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Pushpin – Folds [Review]

Pushpin – Folds [Review]

Pushpin share their unique take on post-punk & indie-pop with their stand out track Folds.

2020 meant working in a different way for artists worldwide & Pushpin are no different. Using what they had, Pushpin incorporated samples of household objects in the process, managing to do everything from recording to mastering themselves. The result is Folds – a memorable, at times slightly jarring, piece of musical mastery.

There are also ‘regular’ instruments used in the main core of the track. You have the taut guitar & bass hooks that reel you in during the verses. Along with the playful vocal melody, this part of Folds wouldn’t be out of place in an indie-pop banger. The heavier synth tones in the instrumental breaks take the song up a level. The deeper synth layers have a darker edge to them, creating the same feeling you get when listening to a Beak> record. The variety of sounds used creates a track which can appeal to anyone, making Folds a tune not to be missed!

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