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Purkinje – Voyager [Review]

Purkinje – Voyager [Review]

Fresh from his debut solo EP, Purkinje tells a sombre sci-fi tale through his track ‘Voyager’.

The brain behind Purkinje is the talented Melbourne guitarist, producer and songwriter, Matt Sheldon. The EP (Voyager) was recorded mainly by Sheldon alone, making it all the more impressive as he really became a strong one-man band.

The song ‘Voyager’ primarily focuses on love but hones in on the theme of deteriorating mental health with the lyric “Insomnia can turn a new day into dread”, implying that he can never escape from his self sabotaging agenda.

The synthetic and somewhat psychedelic vibe really emphasises the sci-fi aspect that Purkinje seems to be aiming for! He’s worked to create a carefully crafted fusion of eighties synth-pop with some futuristic and more contemporary vibes.

From the rest of the EP you can expect more of the same brilliance, echoing and revamping the sounds of iconic bands such as Joy Division- Purkinje is definitely one to watch!


Review by Sian Vadher

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