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Puppet Rebellion – Hey Now [Review]

Puppet Rebellion – Hey Now [Review]

Puppet Rebellion have now released their eagerly awaited debut album Chemical Friends which includes their seminal track titled Hey Now.

WARNING don’t operate heavy machinery whilst indulging in this album as it will completely capture your attention and imagination and accidents could occur.

Too many artists are jockeying for position in your cd rack or download list and sometimes it feels like your trudging through thick melodic mud in attempting to find something new to listen to so in the most part we stick to what we know. Puppet Rebellion are a band that have thrust themselves into the limelight with the ability to capture your heart and mind, they are band that you should find room for on your download list, trust me you won’t be disappointed instead you’ll have hunger pangs for more.

Hey Now comes from their hugely anticipated and enjoyable debut album Chemical Friends which was released in November 2017. Its a tune that’s strangely recognisable like a smell or a taste from the past and yet acts a wonderful surprise that excites and enthrals. The guitar sequences are, especially the well-formed intro, masterful and strong giving an expertly reliable undertow to the track that’s laced with thought provoking lyrics. If you’re after a song that will quench your thirst for modern Britpop music that sits comfortably in the company of such artists as Oasis and Ocean colour Scene, then you need to listen to this track. Strong embedded guidance from acclaimed producer Gavin Monaghan in evident from the very first strum of the guitar all the way through the track.

Coming from my neck of the woods in Manchester the tune drips with urban grit, nuance and drama. Hey Now certainly is a testament to the everchanging vibrant Britpop scene whilst clinging strongly to its routes and a familiar yet unique style. Puppet Rebellion are helping to shine a bright light on the perpetual hard work of artists that this country can and does produce whose work should receive a lot more praise and recognition than it does. Hey Now is one of those songs to be enjoyed by everyone, its extremely versatile and is interwoven with something that everyone can enjoy. The recipe used by Puppet Rebellion not only works but produces a high-quality track littered with meaning that, to listeners such as myself, reminded me of Madchester and put a smile on my face that remains even now.

The only ‘army’ in the fight for supremacy in music during the 90’s that could stand up to the rave and pop scene was Britpop, something it did very well, this new tune from Puppet Rebellion is good enough to stand shoulder by shoulder with those giants of the industry and face any other musical genre toe to toe. In my opinion tracks such as this are timeless and now I have found this band and fallen in love with their musical treats they will forever be accepted into my vault of musical favourites. Hey Now offers a wide-ranging flow of emotional crutches that I defy anyone not to relate to in some way. It’s the first tune in a long time I found myself hammering air guitar to due its massively catchy guitar play.

So, forget the weather outside and gear up, headphones on, pulled tight and take a journey with Puppet Rebellion, one which I know will last and last.


Review by Matthew Waters

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