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PulsR – A Memory EP [Review]

PulsR – A Memory EP [Review]

Following on from his second album Dreary Land, PulsR has released his latest EP A Memory to keep things ticking.

As the title suggests, the main theme to this Dark Electro EP is memories. Like the different memories we encounter throughout our lives, each track on the EP has a different feel to them. However, PulsR maintains the solid Dark Electro ethos of deeply layered synths and sharp percussion, throughout, and tweaks it slightly to get each song’s desired effect.

You have an energetic feeling that sweeps through on the first two tracks, Chronophobia and Erase the Night. It’s a great start to get the mind flowing and fists pumping. This is the same for the third track, too, as No Way Back brings about a certain jauntiness to it, as the playful synth work daces around your mind. Memory Alteration and Late Insight is when the Dark Electro & full-blown experimentation takes over, as you are invited to delve into the deeper parts of your psyche. A Memory rounds off what has been a busy year for the talented German and you can find more on his Spotify.

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