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Pulse Park – The Equidistance [Review]

Pulse Park – The Equidistance [Review]

Alternative rock four-piece Pulse Park share their latest track The Equidistance.

Pulse Park started out from a pretty interesting situation. They first met on an arctic expedition, where they traded dry fruits for the local’s ukuleles during their time there. Fast forward a few years and the ukuleles have been traded in for distorted electric guitars. It’s easy to see the chemistry that was forged during this experience has left its mark on this excellent new single.

The Equidistance is hard to fit into one genre. It has the driving rhythm of an indie rock track, mixed with the sheer boldness of a noise-rock headbanger. Dinosaur Jr is probably the closest likeness, as the stellar guitar work burrows into you and stays with you long after the song has finished. The low key vocal style is similar to the 90s noise rockers, expertly layered over the rhythmic soup. Pulse Park have created a tune perfect for anyone who is wanting to delve into the noise-rock genre, whilst keeping enough of an indie-rock familiarity.

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