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Psy’Aviah – Searching (ft. Mari Kattman) [Review]

Psy’Aviah – Searching (ft. Mari Kattman) [Review]

Antwerp-based synthetic pop group Psy’Aviah is set to release their next album ‘Soul Searching’ on 1 November.

Psy'Aviah - Searching (ft. Mari Kattman) (Indietronica, Indie Pop, Trip Hop, Dance)

The band, though characterized mainly by their electronic sound, moves across genres to deliver a sound that is unique to each artist performing. ‘Soul Searching’ will feature many collaborations to include artists like Mari Kattman, Kyoko Baertsoen, Lis van den Akker, Alicia May, Mark Bebb, and more.

‘Searching,’ a track on the album that features vocals by Mari Kattman is a dreamlike techno creation that boasts a certain ethereal quality—a trademark of the upcoming album. Yves Schelpe, otherwise known as Psy-Aviah, aims to transport listeners by way of electropop and dubstep or EDM remixes.

Kattman’s emotional lyrics are a catalyst for thoughts that will drive the motifs of ‘Soul Searching’ come its release in November.

Whether fans of trip-hop and industrial blends are looking to get a bit lost or to find themselves, Psy-Aviah promises both in ‘Searching.’ With 12 songs transcending genre, ‘Soul Searching’ will offer a little bit of everything for everyone.


By Madison Obermeyer

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