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Proper Einstein – Summer ‘19 [Review]

Proper Einstein – Summer ‘19 [Review]

Alternative artist Proper Einstein has released his newest album, Summer ‘19. The album, comprised of five songs all focused around the motif of summer, is the perfect tracklist for any summer activity.

Proper Einstein, also known as Tony Alexander Brown Jr, brings a refreshing take on the indie genre to summer’s music scene, not unlike a poolside mojito.

An immediate standout is ‘Sunny Weather,’ bursting onto the scene with vocal and instrumental confidence, commanding listeners’ attention, and once it has gotten it, demanding to be turned up. ‘Sunny Weather’ is the party scene of the summer: the kind of day that turns into night that you don’t want to end—the song concludes as abruptly as a sunset in an eye’s blink; it’s difficult to not play the track over again.

Another amalgam of illustrious taste and skill, ‘Poolside,’ features smooth RnB vocals and an easygoing beat fractured by rap lyrics that catapult the song to a whole new level of flair, while the first track on the album, ‘Summer Time,’ is a gentle narrative of summer: summer skies, summer vacation, summer love, and more. Though nostalgic for summers’ past, the song succeeds as a gentle promise for what summer can bring.

Proper Einstein showcases the wide variety of his talents in Summer ‘19. Rejuvenating and serendipitous in genre and skill, the album features tracks certain to outlast the summer months that inspired them.


By Madison Obermeyer

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