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Pretoria – Cape Town [Premiere]

Pretoria launches an inspired, split-personality EP ‘Cape Town’.

Harmonising out of Grand Rapids, Michigan, alternative indie-rock band Pretoria arrive with a potential summer playlist essential of not one, but four tunes compiled for their June EP, ‘Cape Town.’ Not the hard-hitting protest anthem you’d anticipate given the South African/apartheid suggested tie-in or inspiration, but instead a series of four soulful tracks.

The EP kicks off with ‘You Can’t Explain’. Laden with organ runs and breaks, this musical direction pulls the impetus for the vocal overlay and crashing rhythm section. The surf-indie sounds continue on the infectious ‘Cody Maverick’. The crisp, jangly guitar and solid drum beat and crash allowed me to feel at ease with the lyrical hook of ‘You’ve got something to hold on to‘ and stay on message. Melodies allow a quick three-minute number to come and pass requiring a regular replaying. Believe me.

Track three ‘Laundry’ undoubtedly will hold some ground around the campfire’s of 2019’s summer and warm autumn. The tune’s upbeat, foot-tapping beats run in chorus with some of the Chilli Pepper’s stripped-back classics. Distinct rhythmic jams inspire a cool even-tempo immediate beat on ‘Don’t Forget Me’, the release’s final instalment, with its soulful hook that draws in a 60s inspired love in.


Review by Craig Beauman

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