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Possible Oceans – Deceiver [Review]

Possible Oceans – Deceiver [Review]

Indie-rock group Possible Oceans get dark and passionate on their first single, ‘Deceiver’

Possible Oceans are fairly new on the scene, but this LA-based group already have a fully-formed sound and a distinct voice. ‘Deceiver’ is the first single off their upcoming EP ‘Phase Change’, which will be released on the 18th of May.

On ‘Deceiver’, Possible Oceans offer up a refreshing sound that clearly borrows from some of the darker sides of 80s pop, while still forging its own place within modern indie-rock. Opening to an electronic beat and pulsing synths, Possible Oceans clearly aren’t afraid to get creative with the traditional indie-rock approach.

The lyricism is dark, with the track essentially serving as a warning against the demons that plague us all in different ways, both internally and externally: “Beware the deceiver. Holds you in its arms / Feeds on believers.” Whether this ‘Deceiver’ is a reference to mental health, addiction, or the exploitative predators of society, the track is surprisingly emotional, though still finds that balance between poignancy and strength.

Despite the lyrics’ focus on despair and doubt, there is also a glimmer of bittersweet triumph in the track. The last thirty seconds of ‘Deceiver’ play out like a battle of good against evil, with building electric guitar riffs competing for space and energy. With such dark themes, ‘Deceiver’ is a brave choice for a debut single. However, through Possible Oceans’ talents and authenticity, it’s a risk that pays off.


Review by Lucy O’Toole

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