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PONY – Small Things

PONY – Small Things

It’s been a busy few months for PONY and they’ve finished off the summer with a cozy tune to keep you warm over the next few months.

After supporting Chastity Belt in Toronto this summer, they have released the super-sweet ‘Small Things’ which captures their fun-loving guile perfectly, with catchy chords and irresistible vocals.


PONY - Small Things (Official Audio)


The track’s dreamy fuzz-pop style showcases the PONY sound we love, similar to their previous releases, ‘DIY’ and ‘Alone Tonight’. This time round there is another edge present, which stems from the playful sinisterism to the lyrics, executed subtly over the swaying melody.

The self proclaimed ‘band that would play on a high school roof at the end of a 90s teen movie’ have a pretty rad tune on their hands. It’s sure to make you want to bop around with a mulled cider in hand as winter rolls in.

PONY are starting to gain momentum in their homeland Canada and have dipped their toes in the US but they are yet to step foot to play in the UK. Surely it can’t be too long before they venture over! In the meantime if you happen to be across the pond go check these guys and girls out.


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