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Plutinos – Plutinos EP [Review]

Plutinos – Plutinos EP [Review]

Here’s the fantastic self-titled debut EP from Plutinos, the new solo project from former Rose Hill Drive drummer Nate Barnes.



Plutinos is a eclectic indie-escape, jumping from soothing laid-back cuts to guitar-driven alt-rock riffs. It’s sure to appeal to a wide range of listeners, drawing influences from the likes of Tame Impala, The War on Drugs and Weezer.

Jumping in heavy with track one, ‘Out Of Touch’ hits you right between the eyes with choppy, overdriven guitar lines and thumping rhythms. It’s a no holds barred introduction doused with plenty of distortion.

Plutino’s pulls back the tempo for the next track ‘Dream Is Lost’, which feels more like an indie-ballad, with acoustic sensibilities and dreamy vocals that draw you in and chill you out.

The attitude is turned up once again for track three ‘Trying To Be’. Though slightly more subtle than the EP’s opener, this one feels more like catchy-indie pop, and retains all the ethereal vocal lines you’ve grown accustom to at this point in the listening journey.

Plutinos EP’s finale consists of two wistful tracks, ‘Falling Away’ and ‘Hand In Hand’, drenched in smooth reverb and clearly cut from the same cloth as Tame Impala. The shimmering guitar lines blend into the melodies perfectly, and nothing is lost as the rhythms shifts in the final song, bringing the compilation to a close.

All in all, this EP caught our attention with its changeable, yet fresh and familiar style, towing the line between distorted alt-indie and trippy psych-rock.


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