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Pleasure Curses – Losing It [Review]

Pleasure Curses – Losing It [Review]

Losing It is the latest release from Portland, Oregon duo, Pleasure Curses.

With a pulsating bass sound and harsh synth effects, Jahn Teestov & Evan Grice from Pleasure Curses share a tune that is equally raw and catchy. The combination of the dirty, deep tones and ethereal synth melodies wouldn’t be out of place in an LCD Soundsystem banger.

This raw feel to the track compliments the idea behind the lyrics, too. Jahn explains the reasoning behind the slight alteration in the lyrics is to create the notion of ‘trying your best to learn from mistakes made in your past’. You can also see this idea in the general composition of the tune as, although the rhythm stays the same throughout, you pick up on new things each time you listen, only making you become engrossed in it even more.

By Tom Crowder

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