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Plateau Green – Fair [Review]

Plateau Green – Fair [Review]

Munich based indie singer/songwriter Plateau Green’s latest song, Flair is the second song from his debut EP “The Arch of Our Eye’s Orbit”.

Julian Klaas aka Plateau Green, focuses on electronic music production and is inspired by the organic tone language of Gustav Mahler’s Symphonies in particular. For his debut EP Plateau Green has created five pieces of dreamy electronica, gently linking elements of alternative pop music with experimental soundscapes and soft electronic beats.

The verses flow softly and seamlessly, leading you calmly into a peaceful serenity  caressing the soul into a peaceful acceptance. The lyrics describe vulnerability and relations surrounding us that intertwine and break and also translates about being fair and always trying to keep up the best possible image of oneself.

The vocals perfectly match the musical arrangement and give the song a refreshing tone.

This song is definitely worth a listen, it will instantly connect with you and make you feel hope once again. Enjoy.


Review by Lucy Coombs

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