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Pink Skies – Just To Get By [Review]

Pink Skies – Just To Get By [Review]

‘Just To Get By’ is the latest single from indie-rock artist Pink Skies, released in association with Huh What & Where Recordings.

The song was written by Oakland singer-songwriter Arieh Berl, during a time in which he felt lost and directionless. As such, ‘Just To Get By’ is an introspective journey through the mind of Berl, inspired by his personal battle against self-imposed isolation.

The track is a calming and laidback example of Berl’s self-described Escapism Pop, designed to provide its listener with an outlet through which they can sit back and forget their stresses. It’s a synth-heavy and dreamlike song which can be played in a number of situations, whether you’re on a long drive or relaxing at home with your headphones in, and it provides an enticing glimpse of Pink Skies’ debut EP.

Berl’s early work saw him play in punk and indie bands across the Bay Area, but since then his music has evolved into something which feels firmly rooted in the realms of psychedelic pop. ‘Just To Get By’ is a clear example of this; pensive, thoughtful and relaxed, it’s a song which carefully coaxes you in with its soothing sound and relatable lyrics.


Review by Ben Whittaker

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