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Rise up and overcome with this hard hitting debut from Pilots

One to watch for fans of Stone Roses, The Smiths, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Dandy Warhols! 
A song for the times, the message within this release is that ‘we shall overcome’ despite the current uncertainty. Written before the pandemic, however, this track is strangely prophetic! The impressive music video is set in an airbase, and provides us with the live performance we all needed amongst a setting that is perfectly fitting for the effortlessly cool style this band exudes. We’ll take the front row at their first show!
Pilots consist of Simon (Bass/BVox), Nick (Lead Vox), Alex (Drums/BVox), Matt B (Guitar/Keys/BVox) and Matt H (Lead Guitar). After meeting on the set of Steven Spielberg’s’ ‘Band of Brothers’, Alex and Nick started working together on music and played in bands previously! Simon and Matt B, the main songwriters, have also played in bands together through the years! The theme of the band comes from both Simon and Matt H working as commercial airline pilots! Our dream of attending a concert in an airbase could potentially come true! ‘We Shall Overcome’ was produced by Dave Needham of DarkHorse Studios in Surrey. The cowbell in the beginning of the track spells out NHS in Morse Code, which relates the song even more as a definite anthem for the times we are currently living in. Picked as track of the week by BBC Introducing, ‘We Shall Overcome’ is definitely worth the watch! 

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