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Phantom Phunk (ft. Pandapaws & C.i.D) – Wound Up [Review]

Phantom Phunk (ft. Pandapaws & C.i.D) – Wound Up [Review]

Phantom Phunk team up with Pandapaws & C.i.D on their latest release, Wound Up.

Wound Up has all the elements to make it a hip-hop banger. Forming in 2016 as a rock band, Phantom Phunk have evolved their sound to become more eclectic. The fusion between funk-filled guitar work and soulful vocal melodies blend spectacularly against the hip-hop beat and rapping style. It has the atmosphere of a group that has found their sound and are running away with it.

As you can probably tell, Wound Up has something in there for everyone. Its coolness oozes from the magical synth underbelly and is bolstered by the impressive arrangement of the rest of the instruments/vocals. It feels like you are listening to a Jurassic 5 track in places, as the jazz subtleties creep into the mix of pure, funkified hip-hop fluidity. Wound Up is the latest in a string of releases, so be sure to check out the rest too!

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